Mukhtar Bahadory

What am I up to?

This is the start of a nice little series that I appropriated from my friend. Essentially, I will be listing the various things that are taking up my time. I think these types of updates are especially necessary when I'm not really posting anything; not even algorithmic exercises.

I just had a great idea; I think I'm going to split these up into monthly and possibly daily postings and incorporate some type of filtering for it so people aren't just looking at my spam.

Anyway, lets get into the various things going on with my life.

  • I'm currently in the final stages for a really really interesting job prospect at a very good company. I won't be saying too much more about it.
  • I've been preparing for the Google Cloud Professional Developer exam. The majority of my time is spent solely reading documentation and taking notes. This blog's backend has the functionality to completely replace what I'm using OneNote for, but most of the notes I take are written in a "fast-hand" syntax and it wouldn't be appropriate to put on here.
  • I've taken a real interest in security, authentication, and authorization. I have a buddy who is experienced in that field; I think I'm gonna reach out to him sometime.

  • I've replaced my mouse with a drawing tablet. One major benefit of this setup is that I no longer have to lift a mouse. My hands are much less fatigued and I'm more productive.
  • I've taken an interest in e-sports again and occasionally tune into League of Legends streams. I spend some time playing it too, it's pretty fun and I've gotten pretty decent at using my drawing tablet on it.

The above pretty much sums it up, thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.