Mukhtar Bahadory

Aqua Rentals

GitHub Co-produced a property rental application using a microservices architecture

Technologies Used: React, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, AWS EC2, Jest, Enzyme

  • Leveraged React, Express, and MongoDB to employ a highly engaging user experience
  • Employed Agile methodologies to coordinate across microservices and swiftly deliver software updates
  • Achieved 80% testing coverage using Jest & Enzyme and deployed the application using EC2

YouTube Note Taker

GitHub A Youtube integrated Chrome extension allowing users to take and categorize notes on a per-video basis

Technologies Used: React Hooks, Node.js, GraphQL, Chrome Extension APIs, Prisma, JWT Auth, Heroku, PostgresSQL

  • Created a feature rich full stack application, empowering users to archive resources on YouTube
  • Delivered a highly performant and intuitive API powered by GraphQL and PostgresSQL
  • Supported user authentication and authorization by leveraging JWT on all API operations


GitHub Collaborated with other engineers to optimize an inherited codebase for production load

Technologies Used: Express, PostgreSQL, New Relic,, Docker, AWS EC2, PM2, Ngnix, Redis, Cassandra, Node.js

  • Utilized AWS and Nginx to horizontally scale the application and achieve high availability and reliability

  • Stress tested PostgresSQL, Cassandra, and Redis across 10M records to deliver an optimal client experience

  • Achieved above 90% on all Google Lighthouse audits by optimizing bundles, assets, and caching


GitHub A real time application allowing strangers to create and join public chats and engage in direct messaging

Technologies Used: React, Node.js,, Express, AWS EC2, React Router

  • Coordinated with Node.js and React to provide a responsive real-time experience for users
  • Prioritized user security and privacy by keeping chat state ephemeral and sanitizing all user inputs
  • Allowed users to indicate and maintain their typing state for their respective recipients